Colorado Intergovernmental Agreements

98 Incorporate road access management into local bylaws 10. In signing this agreement, the agencies recognize each other and represent each other that all the procedures necessary for the effective conclusion and implementation of this agreement have been implemented and that the persons signing for each agency have been duly authorized to do so by that agency. (11) No part of this agreement is considered to be a waiver of the immunities that the parties or their senior or employees may hold, nor is part of this agreement considered to be a duty of care that did not previously exist with respect to a person who is not a party to this agreement. 12. It is expressly understood and understood that the application of the terms of this Agreement and all rights of action relating to this application is strictly reserved for the undersigned parties and that there is nothing in that agreement to assert or authorize any right of no or no action by another person who is not included in that agreement. The express intention of the signed parties is that any entity other than the undersigned parties who receive services or services from this agreement is only a secondary beneficiary. (13) This agreement may be executed in return, each being considered original and forming an original agreement together. The facsimile signature should be as effective as an original signature. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the agencies have implemented this agreement with effect from the date and year that is the first. City of Grand Junction, Colorado ATTEST: City Manager, City of Grand Junction: Stadtschreiber: – APPROVED AS TO FORM: City Attorney: County, Colorado ATTEST: Chair, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder: Mesa County ATTEST: This agreement replaces and controls all previous written and oral agreements and statements of agencies governing segment access.

No additional or other oral representation, commitment or agreement is binding on an agency. This agreement can only be amended or terminated in writing, executed by the agencies with the express permission of their respective governing bodies or officials appointed by law. To the extent that the access plan attached to Schedule A of this agreement is modified by an amendment, closure, transfer, consolidation or addition of access, agencies may modify exposure A attached as long as the change to the access plan is made in writing and amended in accordance with the Access Act and the access code. The process of amending the conditional access plan was included in Schedule B. d) an intergovernmental agreement providing for agreement between the local government or the Colorado Housing and Finance Administration. or both and the institution includes procedures and remedies to enforce the terms of this agreement, including, but not limited to, the loss of property rights or pledges on real estate and personal property, or pawn rights on real estate and personal property, or both.

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