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Amazon`s Canadian site also translates the entire site, including its legal agreements (such as`s privacy policy), from english to French. 4It is possible to argue that a comprehensive analysis should take into account the translator`s own voice, but this approach may lead the evaluator to take a particular point of view rather than taking a multiple approach that would best meet the requirement for a multi-view assessment without necessarily having binding targets. The aim is not to make apodictic judgments that are not inter-ubsetively verifiable, but to recognize the complexity of translation processes and to emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach (House 2001) in translation analyses. When applied to US A, such an approach should take into account a wide range of factors, such as gender conventions, legal tradition and legal culture, as well as continuity with earlier versions of the same text, if available. As mentioned above, this preliminary investigation focuses on a small parallel corpus and a similar corpus, in order to gain insight into an underestimated type of text and its translation. Other studies in this direction may also be based on a wider multilingual corpus, including English EUA translated into other target languages (LS) and Italian EULs translated from other source languages (LS). APPLICABLE LAWS. The rights under this agreement are governed by Delaware law, with the exception of the principles of the law conflict law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the Purchase of Goods. You cannot export the software in violation of applicable export laws and regulations.

Intel is not bound by other agreements unless they are signed in writing and by an authorized Intel representative. [INTEL-DE] 43 This analysis should not be exhaustive as to how the complex process of translating a specialized legal text will proceed. However, the conclusion outlined below could be subject to an external validity review taking into account other TTs belonging to the same category of text or in accordance with the translation strategies adopted in the context of the translation of these final user licensing agreements to be implemented in other countries, characterized by different linguistic, cultural and legal contexts. Another interesting aspect would be the study of the original English EULAs, versions adapted for the international market that are made available to translators and which represent their TTs and final TTs. [The user must not redevelop, decompile, decode, modify or translate] 38The analysis of agreements and translations into English reveals obvious discrepancies that are often the result of pragmatic needs. This happens, for example. B in the first part of Microsoft`s agreement: 28Transposition refers to the replacement of one grammatical category with another, without introducing a general change in semantic characteristics. Among the different modes of implementation, Alcaraz and Hughes (2002: 181) identify the “pronoun for nomen” and a clear example of this process is present throughout the text.

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