Pembroke School Enterprise Agreement

2 37.503 38.810 42.705 44.012 3 39.131 40.438 44.333 45.640 4 40.759 42.066 45.961 47.268 5 42.387 43.694 47.589 48.896 6 44.015 45.322 49.217 50.524 7 45.643 46.950 50.845 52.152 8 47.271 48.578 52.473 53.780 9 48.899 50.206 54.101 55,4 08 10 50.527 51.834 55.729 57.036 11 52.155 53.462 57.357 58.664 12 53.783 55.090 58.985 60.292 13 55.411 56.718 60.61 3 61.920 14 57.039 58.346 62.241 63.548 15 58.667 59.974 63.869 65.176 NURSES SALARY Krankenschwestern werden auf den Gehaltsplan des Bachelor gesetzt und fer diejenigen, die einen RN- oder BSN-Abschluss erworben haben, und entsprechend der langj-hrigen Erfahrung als Schulschwester. A nurse without a degree receives 90% of the BA scale at the appropriate level. LONGEVITY Longevity at 1,825 USD for A (starting year 15 – By year 17 in the Pembroke School District) 2,325 for B (start of class 8 – By year 20 in Pembroke District) 2.825 for C (from 20 years old) Year 21 – Trhough Year 25 in the Pembroke School District) 3,325 for D (from year 25 in the Pembroke School District) – MA-30 Any employee who presents a transcript to SAU OFFICE at the SAU OFFICE proof of 30 non-masters credits, receives a grant of USD 1,000 ANNEXE B PEMBROKE SALARY SCHEDULE 2018- 2019 B. The steering committee provides each school with a clearly designated bulletin table for the exclusive use of the association. ARTICLE VIII: GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE A. Definition A complaint is an alleged violation, misinterpretation or misapsed of a provision in this Agreement. A complaint under review in this procedure must be submitted in writing by the worker within 15 days of school from the time it occurs or from the time the teacher has been aware or should have been aware of the incident. The following points are excluded from the appeal procedure: 1. Any case for which a specific verification method is prescribed by law or by a rule or regulation of the National Education Board. 2.

A complaint from a probation officer that he is not reinstated. 3. a claim by certified staff due to appointment or lack of appointment, withholding or no deduction in a position for which an ongoing contract is not possible or necessary. 4. Any matter which, by law, is not within the jurisdiction of the House or is limited to the unilateral action of the House. 5. Any remedy for which the victim or organization representing these bereaved persons has not in writing waived the right to apply to another administrative authority of the court, if any. If the board or its agents have not communicated the decision of appeal within the allotted time, the victim can move on to the next step.

If the victim is unable to challenge an appeal at the next stage within the time limit, it is a waiver of the future appeal of the decision and is considered to be the acceptance of the decision. The district or teachers will not retaliate against any interested party or other participant in the appeal process. Each party concerned may be represented by a lawyer or by a representative chosen by the association. B. Procedure Step 1: Any worker who is covered by this agreement and who has a claim must first discuss it with his immediate supervisor in order to resolve the matter at this level of mutual resolution. A decision will be made within five (5) school days. An individual worker may make an oral complaint to his employer without the intervention of the exclusive representative.

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