Unfunded Agreement

Expected premium type: Select the description that best matches the agreement you convey with review agreement considerations. Check MyResearch The status of an agreement For simple transfers without intellectual property, the NIH recommends a simple match agreement. For materials that can be patented or for which increased protection is desired, the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) can be used. Many U.S. and international educational institutions have signed the UBMTA Masteragrement. AUTM (formerly the Association of University Technology Managers) serves as a repository for UBMTA`s original master`s contracts and keeps the list of signatories. The signatories of the UBMTA will only have to sign a letter of execution detailing the terms of their transfer, since they have already accepted all the terms of the master contract. The use of these documents greatly speeds up the processing of MTAs. On or before the financing date, the initiator will either purchase an unfunded Section 3.06 (a) contract (a) (or the unfunded portion of section 3.06) by making an unpaid amount in the certificate account in relation to this unfunded contract, or an eligible replacement contract pursuant to Section 3.06 (b) is replaced by an eligible replacement contract.

NOTE: CONFIDENTIAL AND/or MATERIAL INFORMATION will not be shared until the agreement has been signed by all parties. To launch a new UFA, log in to the eRPM system and click the “Create a New UFA” button. Also contact your ORSP project manager if you need a research agreement. If your U-M research involves interactions with the industry or its funding, ORSP will negotiate and sign your contracts on behalf of the university. This agreement is governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of California. Unfunded research agreements (URAs) are legally binding agreements that deal with university research but do not provide funding. The most common types of UFRAs are: Follow this procedure for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), data sharing or data use agreements (DUAs), trade association agreements, team agreements, equipment credit contracts and other unfunded agreements that are verified and signed by SPA. The request for an unfunded agreement must be finalised and put online in the Appendix section of the proposed unfunded agreements. This form is intended for UC San Diego departments and PIs to apply for unfunded agreements that are processed by OCGA Business Contracts.

The ATF eGC1 is an eGC1 with an agreement. The ATF includes both bonus and non-premium contracts. For more information on the types of contracts. In general, an unfunded agreement refers to a research agreement that does not contain incoming dollars. Researchers at the U-M faculty often engage in activities or cooperations that are not related to sponsor funding. These activities may include confidential interviews with potential research sponsors, requests for research materials from external sources, or data exchange consortia.

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