What Is Bell Agreement

In the case of dedicated broadband Internet plans, the amount of devices or services initially indicated by you during the registration process or in your agreement with Bell MTS represents your initial order for that particular service. If you order additional equipment or services, Bell MTS may, at its sole discretion (i) consider these additional equipment or services to be part of your existing services, and the existing terms and conditions apply to that end; or (ii) require you to enter into a new agreement on this agreement. If new devices or services are considered part of your existing services, Bell MTS can provide you with a confirmation plan (“confirmation plan”) confirming the fees to be paid, the number of months to pay for these additional orders, or any other changes in the devices or services. A confirmation plan issued by Bell MTS is considered correct and binding if you do not object in writing within 10 days of receiving the confirmation plan. If you use your hardware in or near another mobile operator, roaming charges may be charged to you based on the current roaming service agreement between Bell MTS and the other network operator. It is assumed that you have assumed responsibility for the payment of these fees, including the purchase of data cards that will be provided to you, and you accept all restrictions on the rules of liability that comply with this use. Your hardware may not be able to walk internationally unless you ask Bell MTS to activate this feature, and Bell MTS agrees to do so and you purchase a data passport. You agree that you are not a third party to an agreement between Bell MTS and another airline and that these other airlines have no legal, fair or other responsibility for you. Bell MTS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently remove roaming services in another airline`s service area for any reason.

(The occurrence of such a restriction is usually due to fraudulent activity within the carrier`s watershed.) The roaming function depends on the availability of the service in another area. Messaging service with a custom Vanity domain name (as defined here) can be hosted by a third party as part of the agreement with Bell MTS to provide emails and related products and services. Bell MTS considers your registration data and other personal information that you can provide to be personal.

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