Restricted Stock Grant Agreement

3. The day of the transfer of the property is January 22, 2008 (grant date) The shares represented by this certificate are subject to a limited share agreement between the registered owner and NIKE, Inc., which limits the portability of the shares. A copy of the agreement is available from the Secretary of NIKE, Inc. On the date of issuance (the “subsidy date” contained in the paper or electronic grant communication (“communication on the grant”) that is made available to the participant mentioned in the program, the entity awarded the participant a “Restricted Stock Award” (the “prize”) under the terms of the plan and under the conditions set out in the disclosure , this agreement and the plan (as amended from time to time). The arbitration award is the right to obtain up to the number of common shares (as occasionally, in accordance with Section 15 of the plan, the “shares”) of the company, subject to the fulfilment of the conditions of preservation provided by this agreement. In accordance with paragraph 7 of the 1990 boursataire incentive plan (the “plan”) of NIKE, Inc., an Oregon entity (the “company”) and from `grant date`, the entity grants shares limited to ` By accepting this limited participation premium, the beneficiary accepts all the terms of this agreement. The basic terms that are not defined in this agreement have the meaning attributed to them in the plan. The undersigned, beneficiary of common shares of Washington Mutual, Inc., a Washington company (the “company”), pursuant to a limited premium awarded under the 2003 modified Equity Capital Investment Plan and Reputer of 2003 Equity Incentive (the “Plan”), herely states: Washington Mutual holds all rights to the results of the participant`s work, including inventions and other corporate assets developed with corporate equipment. , deliveries, installations or trade secrets. It also holds all rights to the results of the participant`s other efforts (excluding the performance of the participant in the Washington mutual work) that relate directly to the participant`s work or the activity of the company or to the actual or proven research or development expected. Washington Mutual`s rights cover everything that is written, designed, invented, written, reduced to practice, enhanced or produced by participants alone or in conjunction with others during the participant`s employment period.

To the extent that the results of the participant`s work or other efforts constitute a “rental work” within the meaning of U.S. copyright, copyright is exclusively owned by the company. Otherwise, to the extent that these results are protected by law, the participant irrevocably cedes to the company all copyrights, patent rights and other property rights to the company, and no further action by the participant is necessary to grant ownership to Washington Mutual. The participant will assist in the production and execution of the documents and will take all other measures requested by Washington Mutual to transfer, confirm or prove their property rights, and the participant will not at any time challenge the validity of those rights. The participant understands that the termination of the participant`s employment does not terminate or invalidate any commitment of the participant or the rights of Washington Mutual as described above. Under the Equity Equity 2020 investment plan amended by the “Plan,” HarborOne Bancorp, Inc. (the “Company”) awards a restricted stock price (an “award”) to the grantee mentioned above.

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