Gain Sharing Agreement

establish a mechanism that provides for regular progress reports and information exchange meetings. Since the concept of risk-benefit sharing is at the origin of the establishment of a benefit-sharing agreement, it is in the best interest of both parties to participate equally in innovation and implementation. Make sure once again that all the details of the agreement are written and have been signed by both parties for the agreement to take effect. 2. Strained service provider and customer relationship: Gain Sharing requires a high degree of trust between both parties. Without trust, there is no risk-taking or common ground for profit-sharing. 3. Botched implementation: one idea is not enough; The key to success is disciplined execution. Botched implementation undermines economies and, ultimately, incentives for profit-sharing. Over the past thirty years, different industries have changed their business models; Fixed fees, consumption fees, service fees, results-based pricing or hybrid model. The moral of the story: the sectors differ and, over time, the business models that are fashionable. It is certainly unfair to compare the long-standing commission culture to modern participation in purchasing.

Today, as many companies face tighter budgets and a lack of investment capital, the Gainshare model allows customers to access the technology and know-how to gain value without prior investments. As far as liability is concerned, here let`s return to a common theme in this article: SLAS. These are as important in a Fee for Service model as they are in a Gainshare model. It is often forgotten who, on either side, has the ultimate power of consent or disapproval. The specificity and details of the Treaty cannot be sufficiently emphasised as to who this authority is exercised. 2. Start on the right foot the development of a win-win agreement Most of the commitments we have seen, which have received a sharing clause and where the relationship is strained, the clause is not executed or even thought out by either party. Therefore, excellence in governance is not only indispensable, but also an important condition.

Gainsharing focuses on the field of acute stations. This encourages specialists, hospital physicians and surgeons to work to get the patient discharged quickly and efficiently from more costly modalities (i.e. reduce intensive days, reduce retakes and potentially avoidable admissions) while working with family physicians to ensure that help is provided after discharge. Incentives direct specialists/hospital physicians/surgeons towards the goals of reducing costs and improving outcomes. The more detailed the agreement, the greater the chances of success. Also, don`t hesitate to ask questions and concerns during negotiations. This is your time to test the structural integrity of the clause….

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