Good Friday Agreement Nancy Pelosi

“The Good Friday Agreement is appreciated by the American people and will continue to be proudly defended by the U.S. Congress.” House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi: “What were they thinking? Anyway, I hope they are not thinking about a bilateral trade agreement between the United States and the United States. Photo: Shawn Thew/EPA “The UK must abide by the Northern Ireland Protocol signed with the EU to ensure the free flow of goods across the border. They also said they supported Pelosi`s statement that she would not support a free trade agreement that would undermine the broader Irish peace process. The Quartet called on Mr Raab to “renounce some or any legally dubious and unfair effort to not respect the protocol of the Northern Ireland Withdrawal Agreement”. It has become even more controversial because one of its main objectives is to allow ministers to adopt regulations, even if they are contrary to the withdrawal agreement concluded with the EU under the protocol on Northern Ireland. Raab had previously accused the EU of wanting to politicise the Brexit withdrawal agreement and insisted that Britain would not want to set up new infrastructure on the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. She added: “If the UK violates its international agreements and Brexit undermines the Good Friday Agreement, there will be absolutely no chance that the free trade agreement between Britain and the US will go before Congress. Four senior congressional officials warned in a joint statement that the UK`s plans “could have disastrous consequences for the Good Friday Agreement and the broader peacekeeping process on the island of Ireland.” They added: “Many in Congress and the United States consider the issue of the Good Friday Agreement and a possible free trade agreement between the United States and Britain to be inseparable.” House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi doubled down on the warning that a U.S.-Britain trade deal would not be reached if the Belfast deal was compromised. Some rules, for example in the areas of food safety or air quality, previously set by EU agreements, are now controlled by the decentralised administrations or Westminster.

The internal market project insists that deputy administrations must accept goods and services from all uk countries, even if their standards vary from country to country. . . .

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