Kitten Purchase Agreement

We cannot take responsibility for cat allergies, disapproval of an existing or future owner, damage to your property or inability to train the cat to use the cat`s toilet or striped tree. However, we will remove the cat unconditionally if it needs to be returned for any of these reasons. No refund of the money is made and there is no spare cat or cat. In essence, this is a receipt that protects both parties from fraud, misunderstanding or potential complications during the sale. This is a defining document for proof of ownership, which is important when a buyer pays for a kitten that is not ready to leave its mother. Remedies. General violation: $3,000 of breeding a cat sold under this contract: $5,000 per product launch, plus $1,000 per kitten living at the age of 8 weeks. Refusal to return the cat or its TICA titles in case of abuse, negligence or transfer of ownership: 5,000 $US. The Parties agree that a facsimile or electronically signed version of this signed Agreement constitutes an initial agreement and is a valid and binding document for all legal and other purposes. This contract is binding on the parties, their heirs, personal representatives, successors and addressees.

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