Software Maintenance And Support Agreement

Support requests sent to the Sencha Support Portal ( will be evaluated by incident. Each incident costs 10 x credits. If telephone support is required to resolve the incident, the cost of telephone support is added separately and charged in addition to the incident support fee under the terms of Section 2b. Support requests that are not related to the initial request constitute a new support incident, at the sole discretion of Sencha`s support staff. Support requests sent to the Sencha Support Portal must be in English. Support for foreign languages is discussed in section 3c below. Sencha`s provision of the Services to the Customer will commence on the effective date and will last for one (1) year (the initial term). If Customer has chosen an auto-extending service plan, the Services are automatically renewed for one year (an “Extension Period”) each, unless one of the parties announces in writing its intention not to renew at least thirty (30) days before the end of the current support term (as defined below). If the Customer has chosen a service plan without automatic renewal, the Services automatically terminate at the end of the initial term, unless the Customer opts for the renewal of the Services, subject to Sencha`s written agreement (each of these extensions is also referred to as an “extension”). A decision to terminate a service or not otherwise renew it does not terminate the applicable software licenses.

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