Standard Agreement For Sis Participation

E-Invocing – Electronic invoicing (also known as e-invocicing) is a form of electronic invoicing. E-summoning methods are used by MEMBERS of SIS accounts to present and monitor transactional documents between themselves and to ensure that the terms of their business agreements are met. EMD – Electronic Miscellaneous Document – The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) standard for the electronic documentation of ancillary revenues. That is, all other sales and transactions between airlines and passengers in addition to e-tickets. In case of emergency, I may, _______ I authorize all reasonably necessary care from paramedics or other emergency professionals. Without limiting the generality of any authorization I have given to the Producer or others in connection with the Basketball Tournament (the “Tournament”), I was saying, indemnified, congenerating and expressly considering the Producer, TBT Enterprises, LLC and any of the foregoing collaborators or entities who may disclose information or recordings about me, for and from all claims and liabilities in any way related to a medical/medical care/chir Urgical or hospitalization are free of charge, and/or with regard to adverse consequences or results that may result from such medical/surgical treatment or hospitalization or my participation in the tournament. BIETA; Bilateral e-ticketing agreements – The publication of the IATA bilateral interline e-ticketing agreements (MITA), which includes all bilateral e-ticketing interline agreements for passengers and cargo. BIETA describes bilateral agreements under which passengers and cargo use a standard transport document (i.e. a passenger ticket or air waybill) to travel in different modes of transport involved in a route in order to reach a final destination.

Stored Own Prorate – A salesperson has the option to download pro-rated rates in Integrated Settlement and indicate who can download those rates. Integrated invoicing then stores the shares in which they are considered “stored own shares”. As an option, the carrier may specify that the shares should not be stored, but only changed, and sent directly to the proposed predetertant carrier. SDF – Supporting Documents File – file to type with all supporting documents related to billing transactions submitted in SIS. SOC2 – Certification of Controls at a Service Organization Pertinent to Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality or Privacy.SPA – Special Prorate Agreement – Bilateral prorated agreement between interline partners replacing the multilateral pro rata agreement. Given and encouraging the producer to continue to consider me as a participant in the tournament, I give the assurances, guarantees, disclosures, agreements and agreements described below. I understand that if any disclosure, warranty or guarantee is erroneous or if I violate any agreement or agreement entered into in this Participation and Declassification Agreement (“Agreement”) or any other agreement or release related to the Tournament, in addition to the right to impose such agreement, agreement or declassification, the Producer refuses my application or disqualifies me from participating in the Tournament and/or which may disqualify me from receiving a prize or other distinction that I would have received otherwise; and the producer may make any statement or announcement that the producer or network may choose at its own discretion with respect to them….

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