Trade Facilitation Agreement Legal Text

2. Each Member shall cooperate, as far as possible and to the extent possible, on mutually agreed terms with other Members with whom it shares a common border, in order to coordinate procedures at border crossing points in order to facilitate cross-border trade. Such cooperation and coordination may include: 4.2 Each Member shall design and apply risk management in such a way as to avoid arbitrary or unjustifiable discrimination or disguised restrictions on international trade. (b) prevent the disclosure of information by its domestic law and legal order. In that case, it shall provide the requesting member with a copy of the relevant specific reference; 1.1 Each Member, to the extent possible and in accordance with its national law and legal order, shall provide traders and other interested parties with the opportunity and a reasonable period of time to decide on the proposal to introduce or amend laws and regulations of general application relating to the movement, release and registration of goods. including goods in transit. Each Member shall establish and/or maintain a National Committee for Trade Facilitation or designate an existing mechanism that facilitates both national coordination and the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement. 3. Members of developing and least developed countries intending to benefit from trade facilitation assistance and capacity-building support shall provide the Committee with information on the contact points of the Office responsible for coordinating and prioritizing such assistance. (3) Members of the least developed countries should make commitments only to the extent that they are consistent with their individual development, financial and trade needs or their administrative and institutional capacities. 1.1 Members agree on the importance of ensuring that distributors are aware of their compliance obligations, promoting voluntary compliance so that importers can correct themselves in appropriate circumstances, without penalty, and applying compliance measures to take stricter measures for non-compliant traders.

(14) (a) all information or documents provided by the requested Member shall remain strictly confidential and shall provide at least the same level of protection and confidentiality as that provided for by the national law and the legal order of the requested Member in accordance with points (b) or (c) of paragraph 6.1; (iii) Members should also promote internal coordination among their trade and development officers, both in capitals and in Geneva, in the implementation of this Agreement and technical assistance. 7.3 The trade facilitation measures provided for in paragraph 7.1 shall include at least three of the following:7) 4.1 Members shall endeavour to establish or maintain a single window for traders to provide participating authorities or bodies with an import record and/or data requirements, the export or transit of goods through a single point of receipt. . . .

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