Violation Of The Microsoft Services Agreement

In addition, it adds: “As part of the investigation into allegations of violations of these terms, Microsoft reserves the right to verify your content to resolve the issue.” Microsoft disabled access to the account due to a serious breach of the Microsoft Service Agreement This is a serious breach of the Terms of Sale (Microsoft`s terms are a false designation), It could also have been taken offline for suspicious activity or a breach of the Microsoft Service Agreement. If you think this is not the case, request a review of the problem by contacting the after-sales service. However, if customer support finds content that constitutes an infringement, you must remove any hurtful content within 48 hours or your account is closed. My accounts have all been blocked by a violation of Microsoft`s terms. This has been applied on Skype, Xbox, a player, an email, etc. This is a serious offence. Maybe today they should check the date stamp and the sender`s details so they can see who sent them and ban them instead. I sent a reply, but unfortunately I don`t expect an answer and Microsoft is too big to fight – the little guy still loses. Some users indicated that vague terms could leave the door open to all sorts of offenses that could put them in trouble. I have to agree, I got what is called an answer after asking for an escalation. You are just in violation and we will not charge you in the future. No refund for funds available on Skype, Xbox, etc.

Very disappointed by their performance and lack of explanation. “We strive to provide our customers with safe experiences in using our services,” a Microsoft spokesperson told “We also clarified that a violation of the Code of Conduct by the Xbox Services may result in suspensions or bans from participating in the Xbox Services, including the loss of content licenses, the Xbox Gold membership period, and the Microsoft account assets associated with the account.” Today, I sign up again to make another call, and it is said that my account was blocked due to a violation of the Microsoft Service Agreement. I`ve been using hotmail services for over 10 years….

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