White Label Software Agreement Template

Given the nature of white label products, they are sometimes referred to as private labels. You may have heard the term for wine, which is a good example. Private label wine allows you to sell your own branded wine without the cellar because you get the wine from a white label supplier and sell it like yours. White label products and services reduce the time, effort, and money you would otherwise invest in creating your own product or service. Buy this specific template and generate a unique and personalized document in minutes. As used in this Agreement, “we”, “us” or “SEOptimer” means SEOptimer Limited and “you”, “your” or “reseller” means you as a reseller participating in this Program. “Reseller Site” means, individually and collectively, your website(s), services and/or software applications. The agreement must define the level of customer expectations. Are the client`s expectations unreasonable? What do they need and can you meet those expectations? Include a section on performance management in the agreement. This section describes the results expected by the customer and whether you can provide those results. Rental agencies often require no-departure clauses, which means you can`t work directly with clients. At this point, you should get feedback from your legal team to make sure the deal is in your best interest.

You need to clarify from the beginning if you can talk directly to customers, as some situations prevent the white label provider from talking to customers. .

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